The needs we meet:


Stories are the natural way we communicate & engage

At 7 Stories we know that the way people connect is through story so everything we do is about bringing story to life.

You may have a great strategy that exists as a document or a PowerPoint presentation and each time you show it, people politely nod or question you on the details.

But what if this strategy were a story that everyone understands, commits to and makes their own? What if your leaders can not only effectively tell your story, but also create compelling stories that engage your people and customers? How would this transform your organisation?

At 7 Stories, this is what we enable our clients to do.

How we meet them:

Step 1 – Work with leaders to create story & vehicle

Step 2 – Tailor the story to key audiences

Step 3 – Launch story with impact

Step 4 – Align communication channels

Step 5 – Transfer storytelling capability to leaders