Own Your Story, Own The Stage

One of the most common things I hear people say is “I don’t have a story.” My typical response is to ask two questions:

  1. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
  2. How did you end up here?

What typically comes out is a fascinating story full of twists and turns, unmet expectations and life changing experiences. I have heard stories about people who have walked away from their dream of winning gold at the Olympics and found their vocation in Leadership and Transformation. Of a person who planned to be a vet and save animals who ended saving people instead, and of an archeologist who ended up becoming CIO of a leading international institution. What all of them came to realise and what I have always know is that everyone has a story.

Commit to Compel

Despite this many people still struggle to share their story. It is well known that many peoples greatest fear is public speaking, so people will often find excuses to not share their story. It’s the wrong time, these people wouldn’t really be interested, or it didn’t quite feel right are often reasons I hear for not sharing a story. And yet, in all my years of story consulting I have never had a leader share a story and get a negative response. The worst response I have heard of is a leader get stunned silence from their team because they weren’t used to hearing their leader speak this way and it opened up a conversation about authentic communication.

My passion is to share the secrets of story telling with as many people as possibly so that they too can discover that they have a story that is worth sharing. In a time where technology is enabling people to reach audiences like never before, there has never been a better time to share your story and connect with audiences all over the world. That’s why I am teaming up with Julie Masters, who has spent decades managing and coaching some of the worlds best speakers, to enable leaders to not only discover their story but also learn how to deliver it with impact. In our one day masterclass Commit to Compel, participants will learn the secrets to becoming a compelling communicator. It promises to be a day of fun and discovery where everyone will not only discover their story but how to own their story and own the stage.