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Making the connection…

How we make decisions

My wife has a pair of black high heel shoes and every time she wore them she would tell me what a fantastic buy they were, how she always gets compliments on them and that she can wear them for hours and they never hurt her feet. To me they are a nice pair of heels but I couldn’t understand why she kept justifying them to me. After the third or fourth time she did this I decided to Google Jimmy Choo… these were a very expensive pair of shoes!

A funny thing happened on the way to work…

Principles of story

I was taking the bus to work recently and sat next to a rather large guy who looked a little intimidating. I pulled out my iPad and headphones with the intention of surfing the newspaper and internet when this person randomly informed me a recent study found that personal devices like iPads were bad for people especially with ADHD and could worsen the problem.