The amount of discretionary effort you
get is determined by the story you tell

Stories aren’t just things we tell our children before bedtime, they are the way we make sense of the world. As a leader, if you aren’t telling a compelling story, you can be sure that your people are creating their own. More than 75% of employees are disengaged or actively disengaged, costing organizations billions of dollars in lost productivity every year. At 7 Stories, we help you harness the power of stories to unlock the discretionary effort of your people in pursuit of your aspirations.



nudie We love the way in which 7 stories has bought our story to life, the animations really capture the essence of who we are and our journey to date… The entire process was mapped out for us in a very organised manner and at every step Mark was extremely professional and delivered on our expectations. We enjoyed working with Mark so much we did a further three animations with him. James Ajaka, Chief nudie, nudie foods australia pty ltd